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In Turkey, the traditional bath is called a hammam. It’s is one of Turkey’s iconic cultural features, and provides respite not only for the body but also for the soul. The hammam experience begins in the sauna and steam room. In the sauna your body heats up and the pores of the skin gradually open up and you start to sweat. Those who do not like the heat can limit their time in the sauna to their liking. Next you enter the steam room. There is a cloud of vapor in the air, saturated with the eucalyptus scent. This room will treat not only the exterior of the body but also the interior as you breathe in this vapor.

This helps the body prepare for further procedures. After leaving the hot rooms, you should take a shower and are then escorted to the main part of the bath complex – the marble room. Here the walls and floors are lined with marble and there is a marble table in the middle of the room which is heated with hot water from the inside. Here you will also find bathers who will wash your body in a special way. These old traditions of body wash have not changed for centuries. Lying on a marble table with coarse lint (kese turkish) will help scrub the body – exfoliating your skin. This removes unnecessary skin cells. Later, using special soap foam bags, the whole body will be soaped, massaged, and washed. After this washing procedure, you will be flushed with water, and you are then ready to move to the next room. The process of washing the body is often accompanied by clapping and singing. For a long time, the sauna was not only a place of cleanliness but also of good conversation and humor. Towels are then taken to the massage room.

A face mask may be worn, but traditionally only the body is rubbed with oils. While waiting, you can enjoy Turkish tea, relax, and then complete the cleansing process later in the massage room. After a Turkish bath you usually don’t want to do anything strenuous because you will be relaxed. Direct sunlight should be avoided for a few hours, and then your tan will be nice and even. The entire hammam experience takes about two hours.

Organized daily

EXCURSION IN Turkish bathhouse
DEPARTURE TIME up to 6 times per day depending on your hotel location. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
PRICE 15 € | Half price for children ages 7-12 | Children 0-7 Free

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