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Green Canyon

Code: Green Canyon


While in most canyons you can travel by foot or car, in Green Canyon you can go by boat! This is one of the advantages and distinctive features of this canyon. There was once a natural river flowing through this canyon, but it was later decided to build a hydroelectric dam. This changed the appearance and parameters of the canyon, making it the third tallest dam in Turkey, Oymapinar, flooded with green water. In Manavgat, you will visit one of the largest mosques in the region. It has as many as four minarets. Why four? During your trip, ask for a guide to accompany you to learn more. Before entering the mosque, you should cover your shoulders and any exposed skin above your knees. It is best for women to have larger scarves to cover themselves, and everyone’s clothing should be no shorter than knee-length (with no sleeveless tops). Inside the mosque you will see the rise of prayer.

Take the bus to the Green Canyon by the dam and board the boat for calm and cold water, trees, islands. You can see and feel the majesty of nature around mountains and deep waters. When the boat stops at the platforms, you can swim in the refreshing water. During the tour you will be served lunch and refreshments. Don’t forget to take your swimwear, sunscreen, and cameras.

During one of the stops, you will be able to fish or ride a paddleboat for free.

The tour is conducted in English . In the case of a larger number of travelers, there is more than one bus and the guide alternates between buses. This is not a historical excursion; guides talk generally about the Republic of Turkey and point out the surrounding nature.

The tour is organized on Tuesdays and Saturdays

DEPARTURE AT 08:30, return at 17:30
PRICE 40 € | Half price for children ages 7-12 | Children 0-7 Free
What to Bring? Sun creams, Swimwear, Towels and Cameras
Lunch Soft drinks
Professional guide
NOT INCLUDED Alcoholic drinks


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