The landscape of Cappadocia has been gradually shaped by mother nature over thousands of years.

The most sophisticated land formations were created with the help of the sun and wind. In addition, earthquakes, rain, and snow – and eventually mankind – also contributed to the landscape.

Cappadocia is known worldwide and attracts many tourists from a variety of countries every year.

Deep valleys with unique fairy chimneys, multi-story underground towns, and above ground carved housing with churches carved into caves, all run for several kilometers in some parts of the region.

Initially, underground cities were founded, built, and inhabited by Christians hiding from persecution. Common living areas, kitchens, churches, and sophisticated stone doors can be seen several “floors” underground.

The valleys of Cappadocia display natural creations that can be viewed not only on foot, but while traveling in hot air balloons. A two-day trip includes two lunches, one dinner, and one breakfast. Lodging in a hotel in Cappadocia is also included. All drinks are extra and you will need to have your first breakfast in the morning at the hotel before leaving for the tour. Passing through the city of Konya, there will also be stops along the way for recreation, souvenir shopping, leather and wine shops, and pottery.

EXCURSION IN Cappadocia (2 Days)
DEPARTURE AT 03:00, returning the next day at 19:00
PRICE  € 80| Half price for children ages 7-12 | Children 0-7 Free
Tour Language English and Russian
Breakfeast&Lunches&Dinner Accommodation
Ticket to Goreme Museum,Underground city Professional guide


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